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Social Procurement.

At MANN we value equality and are proud to be a diverse and inclusive employer, providing pathways for indigenous Australians and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. We also have numerous women in leadership positions, heading up major projects and liaising with commercial, council and community bodies.

Making a Big Difference.

A more inclusive future.

Yurringa, like MANN have a commitment to addressing social and economic injustices and disparity within our communities and actively work to create pathways to employment where disadvantage becomes a thing of the past.

MANN is more than a demolition company. We believe in building sustainable employment capabilities for Aboriginal people and culturally strong & safe workplaces across our projects. We do this through our joint commitment to ensuring employment and procurement opportunities are focussed on members from disadvantaged backgrounds. Yurringa has a strong community reinvestment policy and Mann support Yurringa through its own social and community reinvestment interests.

Our 2022 Profiles.


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