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Our Services.

MANN have proven to be a reputable and sought out provider for demolition services across Victoria. With necessary expertise, systems and equipment, MANN successfully deliver on projects of all sizes and degrees of complexities.

With client consultation, thorough planning and attention to the job requirements, MANN develop project specific demolition methodologies which are executed by our expert
demolition team.
– High rise demolition
– Mid rise demolition
– Engineered façade retention
– Induced collapse
– Commercial & industrial demolition
– Healthcare & educational demolition
– Retail/Hospitals demolition
– Rail Network demolition
Engaging an expert demolition team at the inception of a project ensures that the project planning & risk analysis can aid in the ultimate delivery of the project safely and in the most economic manner possible.
– Project planning
– Risk analysis
– Feasibility and budget analysis
– Demolition methodology development
– Environmental management planning
– Waste management planning
– Safety management planning
– Project management
– Quality management planning
Internal Strip Out.

Renovation or refurbishment of a building often requires specialised strip out services. MANN have the experience to ensure safety, efficiency and maintenance of structural integrity. Strip-out services include interior building strip-outs, removal of fittings and fixtures, removal of walls and partitions, window removal, insulation, grid and ceiling removal, concrete floor removal and site clean-up. Materials are salvaged, reused or recycled wherever possible.

– Shopping centres, schools, high rise and industrial strip-outs
– Industrial cleaning and remedial works
– Commercial decontamination
– Hotel strip-outs
– Specialised strip-outs in occupied/operating premises
– Pharmaceutical warehouse strip-outs
Asbestos Removal.

MANN have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that the critical project phase of decommissioning and hazardous materials removal is managed effectively, to ensure the safety of all, while minimising the environmental impact.

– Bonded asbestos removal
– Friable asbestos removal
– Lead dust and paint removal
– Nuisance dust removal
– Soil remediation

Resource Recovery.
Environmental sustainability is a major focus of project planning and implementation. We aim to optimise resource recovery and recycling in every project, aiming to recycle 100% of all non-hazardous materials generated by our projects, assisting clients with reaching their Green Star project requirements.
– Concrete recycling
– Scrap steel recycling
– Copper recycling
– Timber recycling
– Asset recovery and salvages
MANN own and operate an extensive and ever-growing fleet of excavators and specialised demolition equipment and attachments. This comprehensive fleet has enabled us to undertake projects of every size. From large scale induced collapses to crane rigged small excavators utilised for high rise demolition, MANN has the plant and equipment to get the project completed safely and as efficiently as possible.
– 1.0 tonne – 60 tonne excavators
– State of the art longreach excavators with interchangeable modular systems
– Remote controlled demolition robot
– Multiple hydraulic attachments
– Skid steer loaders
– Site amenities and first aid capabilities
– Equipment available for hire
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