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Safety Practices

With the highest safety practices in place, MANN approaches every project with safety management practices at the foundation. MANN maintains an accredited Health Safety Management System that complies with Australian standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 Health and Safety Management Systems (HSMS) and is peer reviewed and certified by BSI International Group.

Get your Project Off The Ground

Absolutely no compromise when it comes to safety.

MANN HSMS is a structured system that provides mechanisms for management to address the needs of the organisation for a detailed program for all health and safety requirements.

Professional commitment to management

Competent persons undertake the risk management process

Control measures are determined through the hierarchy of controls

Appropriate supervision and control of risks

Meet documentation requirements, processes & guidelines

Total compliance with Australian States & Territory HS legislation, relevant Australian Standards and Codes of Practice

Opportunity for input from all employees

Relevant data and information is collected and reported as well as a professional process for review

Our Safety Objectives.

Through our Senior Management and WHS Director, MANN is committed to the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Health Safety Management System to ensure it complies and operates within relevant legislation and all other requirements.

The HSMS incorporates the company Work Health and Safety Policy to which MANN expects compliance by all workers. Employees are continuously educated on WHS through the Risk Management Program.

The objectives of the Work Health and Safety Policy are to ensure that the business, at all levels:

  • Continually strives to achieve a safer workplace.
  • Considers health and safety in project planning and work activities.
  • Involves all workers in the decision-making processes through regular communication, consultation and training.
  • Encourages workers to undertake a continuous program of education and learning to identify and control hazards in the workplace through a continuous risk management program.
  • Takes action to eliminate or control potential accidents / incidents.
  • Provides effective injury management and rehabilitation for all injured employees.
  • Promotes and rewards positive WHS activity.
  • Provision of Safety Manual to each job
  • Project specific WHS Management Plans
  • Ongoing identification, assessment and control of risks and hazards
  • Daily Site Toolbox Meetings emphasising health and safety
  • Daily Equipment Safety Checks
  • Encouraging conversation, communication and feedback
  • Comprehensive incident investigation processes
  • Complete rehabilitation and Return to Work programs for injured employees

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