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The Malt District

The Malt House District Silos have been an iconic landmark to generations of Melbournians. Originally developed as brewing and malting sites in the 1850s and 60s, malting still takes place there today. The complex consists of malt houses, stores, silos and offices and – not to forget – the treasured Nylex sign and clock.



Principal Contractor

Caydon & Probuild




MANN was contracted to remove Seven full Silos and surrounding buildings, Creating a world first demolition mythology. Our unprecedented sequence played a pivotal role in satisfying the concerns raised around safety and the remaining heritage silo’s.
Due to the close proximity to the main freeway, surrounding bridges/underpasses and road weight restrictions, geographically it was not possible to float in plant with the capability to reach the heights required. MANN had to procure a demolition sequence that would ensure the remaining heritage silos and iconic Nylex Clock were not damaged. Taking into consideration the levels of vibrations that would be generated, and structural integrity of remaining silo’s once works are complete.


The demolition methodology created demanded complete precision and constant critical thinking concepts to ensure the end goal was never compromised. A unique, robust safety and rescue plan was created with a collaboration between MANN and Melbourne’s Fire Brigade. 

The Leap Frog concept was adopted, where three custom made working platforms were manufactured to house demolition robots. These exclusive platforms designs were calculated to be doubled as platforms and crane Man boxes, allowing movement and access to any silo seem seamless. 

With an endorsement by the states safety governing body – SafeWork, our design is a registered new Man Box concept. 


Shock absorbing shelf angles were also mounted at precise intervals using laser guided technology. This enabled two demolition robots to Leap Frog flawlessly throughout the seven silos without compromising safety. With 252 shelf angles made up of four exceptional designs, each to suit a specific elevation and over 1500 high tensile threaded
rods the installed. A unique, robust safety and rescue plan was created with a collaboration between MANN and Melbourne’s Fire Brigade.

Safety being the most important focus for MANN, our Leap Frog methodology enabled all the robot works to take place while keeping the operator at a safe distance working from perimeter scaffold, topping out at 45m above ground level, the site team were able to have a clear line of site from perimeter scaffold, while also exerting the maximum productivity. In the World Demolition Awards, The project was successful in winning the 2021 Urban
Demolition Award.

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