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State Hockey and Netball Centre

During the 2019/2020 fire season, more than 1.5million hectares of bushland was tragically burned. Devastatingly, this included nearly 400 homes in regional communities. 

MANN are proud to have assisted in the recovery efforts, as part of the Victorian government-funded Bushfire Recovery Project across the affected regions of South Gippsland, Corryong and Mallacoota.








Contracted under Grocon (who partnered with the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments for the 2020 Clean Up Program), MANN have been out in force demolishing, removing and safely disposing of burnt out materials from bushfire affected areas. 


These clean-up works include the demolition of residential homes and sheds, commercial and public buildings, other out-buildings and trees, vehicles and fencing, as required for the safe clean-up of fire-destroyed buildings. MANN have also been engaged to safely remove and dispose of the extensive amount of asbestos and other hazardous materials left behind, working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and WorkSafe, and following strict measures to reduce risk.

Mann is providing its whole scope of services to this project, from our Demolition Consulting Services at planning stage through to site remediation at demolition completion.

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