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Boiler House

The distinctive power station on the former Amcor paper mill site in Alphington Melbourne. The 1954 boiler house was one of the first buildings in Melbourne constructed with a curtain walling, where the outer layer or wall of a building is non-structural. The glass and metal facade of the Boiler House allowed the inner workings of the factory to be viewed from outside.
The internal factory was constructed prior to the outer layer and all structural elements were interconnectible, with making it difficult to ensure that once a specific member is removed what effect that would have on the surrounding elements.



Principal Contractor





MANN used BIM – Building Information Modelling, a process that involves scanning all internal and external parts of the building onto a point cloud model. Where millions of data points are then uploaded into a 4D model, enabling us to view key components and any associated risks when creating the demolition sequence. 

The main stack[KA1] stood independently at 63metres high and was engineered to be removed in crane-able sections. Parts of the old power station are heritage listed and required meticulous manual disconnection and continuous vibration monitoring. 


Each structural steel member removed was then lowered and placed in the designated decontamination zone to cleared from all hazardous paints. All demolition material was separated onsite and a 99.78 % recycle rate was achieved for this project 

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