Centro Shopping Centre, Bankstown

Mann Group was awarded this project from Brookfield Multiplex, to carry out demolition of 3 level single span post tensional bridge, excavation for the new car park, strip out of the existing shopping centre, including the removal of 6 escalators. Like any live shopping centre project, the work was to be carried out in trading and out of hours.

Step one was to disengage the bridge being demolished from the centre which was to remain. Mann group then proceeded to hammer out the slab between the beams utilising the aid of a tracked excavator with hydraulic breaker attachment. Upon exposing the main carrier beams, 2 x 200t cranes took hold of either beam whilst 2 x wire saws cut through the post tensioned beams. After both beams where lowered to the ground, the next part of the plan was to have both cranes hold the main pedestal, whilst tracked excavator with hydraulic breaker hammered through column at ground level. Both cranes simultaneously lowered the 79t segment to the ground.

Accordingly three levels of the centre were stripped back to base building, including the removal of the 6 escalators and associated hazardous materials. Following the successful completion of the demolition works Multiplex awarded the bulk, detail and contaminated soil works to Mann Group.

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