Westfield’s Centrepoint Tower – Stages 1 & 2

Mann Group was contracted the internal strip out of a 10 storey office building from Westfield Design and Construct. This work was carried out as part of stage one. The complication with this project was access for the material handling. The only access was via a passenger lift to the loading dock at basement level where there is height restriction.

The project was completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of Westfield. Following the completion of stage one strip out Mann Group was awarded stage two structural demolition. This package included the removal of all precast panels, creation of light well penetrations throughout the building, removal of redundant plant and equipment from the plantroom and friable asbestos hazardous material removal. The major item to consider was the structural condition of the precast panels. The methodology for handling the removal of the precast panels was carried out in a manner not to impact on the surrounding environment.

Mann Group custom built two cradles to ensure the precast panels were supported from the underside with a custom built canvas tarp draping bellow the cradle ensuring no debris dislodged, falling to the public bellow. Mann Groups methodology utilising this proved to be successful and incident free. Mann Group cradles with tarps met the occupant’s expectations and complied with strict Council conditions. Providing two cradles ensured the critical path was met before Christmas trade.

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