12 Storey Building, Sydney CBD


Mann Group was awarded this project by FKP, the works involved consisted of the following:

  • Friable asbestos removal
  • Total strip-out of building and plant rooms
  • Precast removal of the facade
  • Scaffolding the building
  • Service penetrations throughout the building
  • Traffic management

The above scope of works presented a unique opportunity for Mann Group to present a cost effective solution for the works to be completed, this method proved to be the rationale for winning the contract.
The key to minimising the cost in this scenario was to identify the most effective method in removing the pre cast panels!

  • Our client’s method was to use a mobile crane from the street; this included extensive traffic control for part road closer, permits to council to partially close the road and the cost of a large crane to carry out the works.
  • Mann Group method as depicted in the pictures was to place a 12 tonne city crane on the roof of the building, the three levels bellow the crane was propped to spread the weight (KPA LOADING) of the crane.
  • Mann Group then designed, engineered and certified the white cradle lifting jig, which simply went through the window and safety bar securing the panel whilst in travels ensuring optimum safe work practises


The above methodology saved over $100k giving Mann Group the edge over our competitors and saving the client time and money. This job was completed to full satisfaction of the client without incident.

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