10 Storey Tower, Sydney CBD

Mann Group were contracted to totally demolish level 10, strip out the entire 10 floors, supply and install all props for the building, excavation/underpinning for new basement and remove all hazardous friable asbestos, and lead paint from this magnificent heritage building.

The former perpetual trustee building was to receive the new makeover in line with the strictest green star rating (6 star). Theses recycling percentages where monitored by Mann Group project manager collated and provided on an excel spread sheet daily then with every monthly progress claim, this is done in this fashion to know that the recycling percentages can be met for the 6 star rating. The 6 star rating demands that a minimum of 98% be recycled and Mann Group provided 99.2%. St Hillier’s management commended the Mann Group Team on a job well done.

This project was also completed safely and without injury or incident.

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