The contributing factors that have directed this Australian owned family company to financial and business success are:

  • It is an Australian family owned and operated business which is driven both professionally and emotionally by its directors, and
  • Has wisely invested into the Sydney property market to provide a stable platform in times of economic hardship
  • An extremely low staff turnover that has delivered continual and reliable service to our clients together with a tranquil working environment
  • The retention of valuable staff that embraces the knowledge trust that is Mann Group – the most valuable asset

Because Mann Group cares for its staff, we have a low staff turnover, which further ensures the success of the company as we realise our employees are an essential and valuable asset.

We will continue to implement procedures and operations in the future to meet with the increasing legal and quality demands of the market place. ‘Raising the bar’ will ensure competitiveness and , always ensuring that we are superior to our competitors, which will further develop the company and result in continuing success of the company.



The late Anthony Manassa

Anthony Manassa migrated to Australia in 1944 and establish his empire in the construction industry in 1949 performing demolition and excavation work in Sydney during the industries teething stages. He continued successfully delivering large scale residential projects throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s whilst developing his demolition contracting business. Since his passing in 1998 Anthony Manassa passed on his legacy to his two sons James and Leny who are currently driving the business and will continue to do so into the 22nd Century.

James Manassa

James Manassa manages the company with a 22 year work history delivering unrestricted structural demolition projects. James has physically delivered major building and infrastructure projects throughout New South Wales. A proud Australian with a vast amount of experience and expertise both on site and with the business development for the company.

Leny Manassa

Leny Manassa is a qualified builder with a vast history of construction and demolition expertise. Leny Project Manages all operations for Mann Group and delivers efficient and safe working methodology for all Mann Group projects. Leny co-ordinates qualified Mann Group supervisors and allocates all resources to ensure safe and cost effective delivery.


Mahmoud (Moe) Moukahal

Moe Moukahal has a diploma in Civil Engineering, educated in Toronto, Canada. Moe worked from 1989-1995 for Morrison and Hershfield Consulting Engineers. Moe came to Sydney in 1995 and has worked in the demolition industry to date. Moe has worked on major civil demolition and environmental remediation projects. Moe procures projects for Mann Group in the Project Management department.

Stephen Tran

Stephen Tran is a qualified Civil engineer who has worked in the major Demolition / Civil / Hazardous Material Management industry for the past 16 years in the capacity of estimator and project manager. He has dealt with many major clients (Builders, Construction Managers, Developers, Projects Managers and Governments across NSW and ACT).


Gurunathan is a qualified Civil engineer who has worked in the Demolition / Civil / Retention- Shoring / Remediation sectors in the industry for the past 29 years in the capacity of estimator and project manager. He has dealt with many major clients (Builders, Construction Managers, Developers, Projects Managers and Governments across NSW and London-UK).


Deborah Taylor

Deborah has worked in the construction industry for 17 years and has managed Health & Safety for numerous tier 1 principal contractors as a WHS auditor and as a HSEQ management systems developer. She has gained her experience both on commercial operational sites Greenfield’s and on Brownfield’s. Deborah comes to us with a wealth of WHS legislative knowledge and experience.

John Saad

John Saad will be a welcome addition to the group bringing s 20 years of construction and demolition experience to Mann Group. Fundamentally involved in the analysis and planning stage, then closely monitoring performance until project completion, responsible for some of our largest, most demanding and hands on projects. John is highly respected in the industry for his professional knowledge and his personable approach. His education and expertise is an asset to the Mann Group team, and to our clients, further facilitating Mann Groups ability to deliver above industry standards in all aspects of our work.

Harry Habib

Harry Habib is a qualified civil engineer & a licensed builder who has over 25 years’ experience & has worked on many high profile jobs.
He has extensive experience in planning, executing, supervising & project management.
Harry has gained his experience in both civil and construction.
Harry to date is yet to encounter a deadline that he couldn’t meet.
Harrys extensive experience in the industry is very well reflected through the projects that he manages, he is very much liked by all our clients and is a pleasure to work with.